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Sites for Sore Eyes

BADSBA subscribers are notified of dozens of potential plot sources, and over 100 relevant websites.

Group self building is a route to finding better value plots, and avoiding some major NIMBY problems.  BADSBA assists with organising local self build groups, including giving support for site seeking.  Subscribers are given a free copy of the BADSBA essential guide to group self building.

Sites with potential for 1 – 500 houses (or a mixture of dwellings and other buildings) are sought anywhere in the South England or South Wales. Working with the Custom Homes Alliance we can add value and improve cashflow by getting planning permission for the houses, putting in the roads and utilities, dividing the site into building plots and selling on to custom builders and self finishers.

Wanted - sites with housing potential

Options for sites to be sold ‘as is’, or after basic infrastructure built

Options for plots to be leased to self builders and finishers

Options for landowners to retain plots on a larger site for their own family to use

Can be greenfield / brownfield / contaminated / made up land / flood risk areas

Good opportunity for developers unable or unwilling to borrow additional finance – improve your cash flow. Work with custom builders to build houses without the financial risks of speculative building

Introductions to relevant financial specialists. Accelerator mortgages / eco mortgages etc.

Top finance house offers to facilitate the use of private pension funding to purchase a plot as an investment, later selling it at market valuation to oneself to repay the pension prior to building

Options for self builders from housing waiting lists to build out the affordable quotas on developer sites for mutual benefit

Contact BADSBA on 07977 901944 or email or check Custom Homes Alliance on

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